Mike & Marcia's Excellent Adventure

Mike & Marcia's Excellent Adventure

We are moving to Asheville, NC.


Yes. The adventure continues as we move on to a new phase in this life of ours. And while we have thoroughly enjoyed our time here in SE PA, and have developed wonderful friendships, we are really looking forward to exploring this new place.

For one thing, western NC is beautiful. The Smokey Mountains contain some of the tallest peaks east of the Mississippi and they are lush and green. I am looking forward to exploring these on the many hiking trails that wind throughout the region.

Also, the Asheville area has quite an interesting cultural vibe. It is a real mix of artists and entrepreneurs, college kids and newly retired, natives living in their double wides and newcomers in their million dollar mountain homes. It reminds us a bit of Boulder, CO (where we lived for a few years).


OMG! What have we done?!

Is this move just an impulsive, spur-of-the -moment, WTF action? No. We have been talking for a few years about where we might want to live our retirement years and we explored quite a few options. Western NC seemed to call to us as we went through this process. It is a beautiful and culturally vibrant place, and really not that far from our friends & family on the east coast. And, while we are NOT retiring just yet, we thought "Why not make the move now?". It will give us a chance to explore and develop a relationship with the area and see if it is a fit. If it is - then we made a great choice. If it is not - then we have plenty of time to find the right spot.

One more thing...

common housefly storefront.jpg

We bought a small retail store in Black Mountain, NC (about 15 minutes east of Asheville). It is called Common Housefly, and it is a Toy Store for Foodies. We are pretty excited by this. It is another pre-retirement idea which is focused on providing additional, steady source of income. We are still doing what we are doing - Marcia still has her job, and I still have my Marketing business. This is just another thing. But eventually, down the road, when we decide to stop the daily grind on those jobs, we will have the store. 

So get those stocking-stuffer lists together and think of us your go-to source of all kitchen-related-coolness. :-)

We expect to see many of you in Asheville

 This is the house we have rented.

This is the house we have rented.

We are moving to a destination location. We remember fondly our days in Boulder when we would have a steady stream of visitors who wanted to explore the area and took advantage of our guest rooms. We expect the same in this move to Asheville. We hope that Y'all are not shy about planning a trip and bunking in with us.

We have rented this lovely house in Asheville with room for friends & family. Yes, the architecture is a bit incongruous. Why someone would build a neighborhood of Southwestern-style homes in the middle of the Smokey Mountains is beyond me. But, hey, this is America, and somehow it all fits together.

Don't be strangers. We are just moving down the road a piece. 

Bring On the Dark

Bring On the Dark