Uchenna: Ethiopian restaurant

Last night we ate at Uchenna, an Ethiopian restaurant in Colorado Springs.  


If you have never eaten Ethiopian you should absolutely give it a try. It is not only cuisine but a way of eating as well. While you can order individual dishes for everyone in the party, the preferred way to go is to combine a number of choices on a large communal plate. 

 This is dinner for 4. 

This is dinner for 4. 

We ordered 3 meat entrees (lamb, beef, and chicken) and paired them with 4 vegetarian dishes (2 styles of lentils, chickpeas, and string beans). 

Everyone is served a plate of injera, an Ethiopian bread made from an ancient grain called Teff

 Family-style dish with individual plates of injera. 

Family-style dish with individual plates of injera. 

You are encouraged to use this gluten-free bread as your utensil and attack the dish. You tear off a piece of bread and grab up a bite of whatever interests you on the plate. 

I am happy to report that the food was delicious and that this style of eating created a wonderful vibe around the table. Chef Maya is a master at blending spices and each dish has a depth and distinction that kept you literally digging in for more. 

The servers were friendly and helpful and Maya would come out of the kitchen periodically to check on us. She was very proud of her coming and it showed.  

I would recommend Uchenna highly of you ever find yourself in Colorado Springs. Everyone at our table enjoyed themselves. 

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