Why I never submit orders at a trade show

I am spending a few days at a trade show at AmericasMart in Atlanta. It is a great opportunity to see vendor's new lines, listen to their pitches and talk with other retailers.

I met a couple of other retailers at dinner last night and had some great conversation.  At some point in the evening one of them asked what I had ordered that day? She was incredulous when I replied "Nothing". 

I then went further with my comment and said that I never buy anything at a show.  She was dumb-founded, but let me explain.  

i do buy items/lines/deals I see at the show, but only after I have seen everything and gone home and had some time to reflect and review. It is the purchase-in-the-moment that I avoid. It is hard not to get sucked into the shiny object syndrome at a show. You see something from a vendor and think That Is Cool. And then you go to the next vendor and see something and think, Wait, That is Cool as Well. And the two vendors later you find another new shiny object that may be absolutely perfect for the store - but if I had bought heavily at the first two vendors I might not have any juice left for the REALLY COOL thing I see on the last stop.  

So I just have this rule that I never buy in the moment at the show. All the Show Specials are good for a week or so, and are available for me to take advantage of once I get home. So I don't think I lose anything by waiting, but I do keep myself from a potentially costly mistake.  

 I think this is a rather obvious rule, but it seemed to shock the other retailer I met last night.  I believe it is small things like this that contribute to your success. So when I am at a trade I remember to Just Say No. 

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