@Quip Support Sucks

@Quip Support Sucks

I rarely write histrionic attacks. But I am quite peeved about my recent interaction with the support team at Quip. Let me explain.

I have been a user of Quip since it launched and I am a big fan of the app. It showed great promise when it was released, and the team has continued to add valuable features over time. It had this great blend of collaborative document editing, realtime chat & full-feature mobile access that was refreshing when it came out.

Recently, I moved some of the workflow from my business onto Quip. The impetus for this move was to take advantage of its collaborative features. I moved a bunch of shared task lists to Quip and brought in staff members to be on the same platform.

On Tuesday, after a training session with a staff member I returned to my office. I went to log into Quip so I could see if my colleague had updated anything when I found that I could not log into the app.

Your account has been disabled. Please contact support.

Disabled!! WTF! I was just on Quip doing the training not more than an hour ago!

So...I did what the message suggested: I contacted Quip Support.

I was using my account this morning. Now I have been logged out with a message that my account is disabled. What’s up with that?
— email to Quip Support

Within 10 minutes I received a response. So far, so good.

Hi Michael

Thanks for reaching out!

Your account was disabled by a Quip team site member, NAME at NAME@MYCOMPANY.com. Please contact NAME have them write in. We would be happy to enable you.

I look forward to hearing back from you.
— Sara R., Quip Support

Huh!! Did you actually tell me that a "team site member" could disable my account?! MY ACCOUNT!!! What in the name of all that is holy would allow someone with a totally separate account to disable my account?! Especially since I set up the "team" and invited this "team site member" to join me.

So, as I am sure you would do, I asked "Sara R." that very same question.

Before I contact her, would you tell me how she could possibly do that? She is a staff member and I am the business owner. Do I have some settings wrong? This concerns me.
— email to Quip Support

No Response

Incredibly, there was no response from Sara. Or anyone else at Quip Support.

So, after 20 minutes, I sent another message. I was freaking out, because I had just made a commitment to the Quip app for an internal workflow and had spent time training my staff members.

Please respond to my previous question. I was under the impression that we had separate accounts and I “invited” her to be part of the team. How could she possibly disable my personal account?
— email to Quip Support

It is hard being ignored

I really don't understand why I could not have gotten a response. But there it is. I was being ignored. That is the hallmark of great customer service, is it not?

So, 2 1/2 hours later with no response,  I acquiesced to the request and contacted my colleague and requested her to send Quip Support a request to restore my account. 

See thread below. Please forward this email to support@quip.com from your company email account and ask them what you need to do to re-enable my account. Thanks.
— email to colleague

I remembered, after sending the email to my colleague, that she was leaving for about 5 days personal time and I was not sure if she would get me email and act on it, so the next morning - 8 hours after my initial message - I sent the following to Quip Support.

This is really strange. Why won’t you tell me what someone else could have done to disable my account? Why can’t you re-enable it when I ask you to?

FYI - NAME is out of the office for 5 days. I don’t know when she will get to contacting you. Unless you reinstate my account I can’t use it.
— email to Quip Support

I know that you are surprised to hear this, but I did not get a response that email.

But...all is not lost! My colleague, on her own time, did see my email and act on it! She sent a message, as requested, to Quip Support (as requested by the initial Quip Support response).

Dear Sir or Madam,
What needs to be done to link my account back to my Boss. Somehow it got blocked. I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter . please advise.
— email from colleague to Quip Support

Day 2 and still no response.

I have still not heard back from Quip Support.

My colleague has not heard back from Quip Support.

I still can not log into my Quip account that I have had since its inception.

So...I guess it's time to move on from Quip. I get it. There is a huge flaw in their app where one account can "deactivate" another account. But this is not what bothers me. I have written enough code over the years to be very understanding of bugs - or ill thought out features. What irks me is the that the Support arm of Quip just turned off on me. This astounds me. Even as I write this I don't understand it. But I get the message. I am not important. So I will get on with it without Quip.

Quip can kiss my lily white ass.
— direct message to Quip
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